Changes to the Baltic Fund Center

| Source: Nasdaq Vilnius

The names of the following mutual funds will be changed on the Baltic Fund Center on March 13, 2014:


Old name: New name: ISIN:
Julius Baer Biotech Fund Julius Baer Health Innovation Fund LU0329426950
Julius Baer Central Europe Stock Fund Julius Baer Eastern Europe Focus Fund LU0122455214
Julius Baer Europe Stock Fund Julius Baer Europe Focus Fund LU0026740844
Julius Baer Global Selection Fund Julius Baer New World Oppotunities Fund LU0630399425
Julius Baer Global Stock Fund Julius Baer Equity Income Fund LU0026742386


The Fund Centre is an environment for publishing fund performance information that is jointly administered by the Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius stock exchanges. The Fund Centre includes funds which are publicly offered in at least one of the Baltic countries.


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