ISS A/S – Merger of temporary ISIN and permanent ISIN

| Source: Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S

The merger of the temporary ISIN in ISS A/S (DK0060542264) with the permanent ISIN in ISS A/S (DK0060542181) will take effect as per 19 March 2014. Hence, the last day of trading in the temporary ISIN (DK0060542264) is today, 18 March 2014.

As a consequent of the merger, the nominal share capital and the number of shares in the permanent ISIN will be changed, cf. below. 


ISIN: DK0060542181
Name: ISS
Volume before changes 135,443,319 shares (DKK 135,443,319)
Change due to amalgamation: 50,224,907 shares (DKK 50,224,907)
Volume after change: 185,668,226 shares (DKK 185,668,226)
Short name: ISS
Orderbook ID: 80901


For further information, please contact: Asta Jepsen, Surveillance, tel. +45 33 93 33 66