Notice of Ordinary General Meeting in Cavotec SA

| Source: Cavotec SA

The Shareholders of Cavotec SA are invited to attend the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) to be held on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 13.00 (CET) at the offices of Cavotec SA, via Balestra 27, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland. Doors open at 12.30 (CET).  

For shareholders not wishing to personally attend to the Ordinary General Meeting, an information meeting will be held in the morning of April 23, 2014 at 11.00 CET at the IVA Conferenscenter, Grev Turegatan 16 in Stockholm, Sweden.

This meeting is open to shareholders and interested parties and will feature an update on Cavotec’s recent business activities. After the information meeting, a (passive) video-stream of the Ordinary General Meeting will be projected.

However, shareholders attending the information meeting will not be attending to the Ordinary General Meeting and should therefore exercise their voting rights through a proxy.  


Only shareholders entered in the share register with the right to vote on Monday April 14, 2014, will be entitled to participate in the OGM.  

Please note the following information:  

  • Shareholders whose shares are held through a bank or broker acting as a nominee with Euroclear Sweden AB must request their bank or broker to have their shares temporarily owner-registered with Euroclear Sweden AB. Such registration must be made no later than Monday April 14, 2014.  
  • Shareholders whose shares are held through a bank or broker not directly acting as a nominee with Euroclear AB must be registered in the share register of Cavotec SA must instruct their custodian bank to register them as shareholders in the Share Register of Cavotec SA by sending a registration form to Cavotec SA, c/o SIX SAG AG, Share Register, Baslerstrasse 90, CH-4601 Oltenand. Such registration must be made no later than Monday April 14, 2014.  
  • Shareholders who are already registered in the Share Register do not have to perform any additional steps and will be provided automatically with the registration form.  

Full instructions on the above procedures can be found on the full Notice of Meeting attached to this release or on  

You do not need to attend the Ordinary General Meeting in person. You may appoint a proxy to represent you. You can appoint the following persons to represent you:     

  • Mr Franco Brusa, Attorney-at-Law, Via G.B. Pioda 5, Lugano, Switzerland, has been appointed as independent shareholders’ representative pursuant to Art. 30 para. 1 of the Ordinance. You may use the proxy form attached to this invitation to appoint and instruct the independent proxy; or  
  • any third person by contacting them directly.  

NB: please sign, date and return the Registration/Appointment of Proxy form in one of the enclosed envelopes by April 14, 2014. Alternatively, you may hand over your proxy form appointing the Independent Proxy as a proxy at the Information Meeting on April 23, 2014, in Stockholm, Sweden, until one hour before the beginning of the OGM.  

For the full Notice of the Ordinary General Meeting, see the attached PDF file, or visit  

For questions regarding participation to the OGM, please contact:  

Cavotec SA c/o Euroclear Sweden AB

Box 191, SE-10123 Stockholm,


Telephone: +46 84029283  


Michael Scheepers Director

Investor Relations & Corporate Communications