Wärtsilä's consultation process in Finland completed

| Source: Wärtsilä
Wärtsilä Corporation, Company announcement, 19 March 2014 at 9 am EET

Wärtsilä's consultation process in Finland completed

Wärtsilä's consultation process with employee representatives in Finland has
been concluded. The process was initiated on 29 January 2014 with the aim of
reducing 200 jobs in Finland. As a result of the negotiations, the redundancy
need has been confirmed to be 142 permanent employees. Since the start of the
restructuring process, the number of personnel has decreased and will decrease
in near future, through natural attrition and retirements, therefore, the total
target for job reductions will be achieved.

Wärtsilä employed 3,776 people in Finland at the end of December 2013. The
majority of the redundancies will take place in Vaasa and the reduction measures
are expected to be completed by the end of May. The employees who will leave the
company as a consequence of the consultation negotiations will be offered
support and consultation as well as assistance in re-employment.

The employee reductions in Finland are a part of the group-wide efficiency
program initiated in January to secure future profitability and competitiveness.
The program targets annual savings of EUR 60 million and is expected to lead to
a reduction of approximately 1,000 employees globally. The consultation
processes in the other affected countries are currently ongoing.

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