Today's Annual General Meeting adopted that there shall be nine board members
and re-elected Ulrika Francke, Göran Hedman, Lars Idermark, Anders Igel,
Pia Rudengren, Anders Sundström, Karl-Henrik Sundström and Siv Svensson, and
elected Maj-Charlotte Wallin to the Board of Directors. The Annual General
Meeting elected Anders Sundström as Chair of the Board of Directors. Deloitte AB
was elected as auditors for the period until the end of the 2018 Annual General
Meeting and it was decided that new Articles of Association be adopted.
Lars Idermark was elected Deputy Chair at the Board of Directors' statutory
meeting held directly after the Annual General Meeting. The statutory meeting
also decided that the Risk and Capital Committee shall consist of Göran Hedman,
Chair, Anders Sundström, Ulrika Francke, Lars Idermark and Pia Rudengren. The
Audit Committee shall consist of Ulrika Francke, Chair, Karl-Henrik Sundström,
Siv Svensson, Anders Sundström and Maj-Charlotte Wallin. The Remuneration
Committee shall consist of Anders Sundström, Chair, Lars Idermark and Anders

The Annual General Meeting adopted the following fees:

  · Chair of the Board of Directors to SEK 2 350 000 (SEK 1 350 000),
  · Deputy Chair of the Board of Directors to SEK 800 000 (SEK 675 000),
  · Other Board members to SEK 500 000 (SEK 400 000),
  · Chair of the Board's Audit Committee to SEK 250 000 (SEK 175 000),
  · Other members of the Board's Audit Committee to SEK 200 000 (SEK 125 000),
  · Unchanged fees for each member of the Board's Remuneration Committee i.e.
SEK 100 000,
  · Unchanged fees for the Chair of the Risk and Capital Committee i.e.
SEK 250 000,
  · Reduction of fees to other member of the Risk and Capital Committee to
SEK 200 000 (SEK 250 000).

The Annual General Meeting decided that the dividend for fiscal 2013 distributed
to shareholders shall be SEK 10.10 per ordinary share. The dividend cut-off date
was set at 24 March 2014. Given the cut-off date, the dividend will be
distributed by Euroclear on 27 March 2014.

Other decisions
In addition, the Annual General Meeting adopted the following:

  · Decision on the guidelines for remuneration to top executives
  · Decision to acquire own shares in accordance with the Securities Market Act
  · Decision on authorisation for the Board of Directors to decide on the
acquisition of own shares in addition to acquisition in accordance with the
Securities Market Act
  · Decision on authorisation for the Board of Directors to decide on the
issuance of convertible debentures
  · Performance and share-based remuneration programme for 2014 for the Swedbank
Group - partly a general 2014 programme and partly an individual 2014 programme
- as well as a decision regarding the transfer of ordinary shares (or other
financial instruments of the bank) etc under the 2014 programmes and programmes
adopted by previous Annual General Meetings.

On Swedbank's website,, it will be possible on the day to
read and view via web TV Anders Sundström's and Michael Wolf's speeches to the
Annual General Meeting. (
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