Opcon performs directed issue of 4,385,965 shares at SEK 0.57 per share

| Source: Trention AB
As authorized by the annual general meeting of shareholders, Opcon’s Board has
decided to carry out a directed share issue of 4,385,965 new shares at a price
of SEK 0.57 per share. The shares are issued for GEM Global Yield Fund Ltd.

After the registration of the new shares in this issue and the issue of 30 m
shares to Snowman conducted at the same time, the total number of issued shares
in Opcon Aktiebolag (publ) will amount to 378,800,110.
In 2011 Opcon AB signed an agreement with GEM Investment Advisers, Inc. and GEM
Global Yield Fund Ltd. concerning an equity line financing facility of up to SEK
250 million over 36 months. The agreement was signed to strengthen the company
and secure access to capital over time while giving Opcon the opportunity to
successively raise capital in return for new shares. Opcon has earlier utilised
around 20 m of the facility.

In order to free capital and strengthen the company’s financial position further
Opcon now performs a directed rights issue of 4,385,965 shares to GEM. The price
has been set to the same 0,57 SEK/share as in the directed share issue being
conducted to Snowman simultaneously, and will raise 2,500,000 SEK to Opcon that
will be settled against debt.

The shares have been subscribed for and issued to GEM Global Yield Fund Ltd.

The company’s share capital will increase by SEK 5,482,456.25. Since the
subscription price for the issue has been set at an amount below the shares’
nominal value, SEK 2,982,456.20 shall be transferred to the company’s share
capital through a transfer from shareholders’ equity.

Opcon has also signed an agreement with GEM to prolong the financing facility
agreement for another 24 months. After the share issue some 227 m SEK remains of
the facility.
For further information, please contact

Niklas Johansson, vice president, Investor Relations, Opcon AB, tel. 46 8-466 45
00, 46-70-592 54 53

Opcon AB, Box 15085, 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel. 46 8-466 45 00, fax 46 8-716 76 61
e-mail: info@Opcon.se

The Opcon Group

Opcon is an energy and environmental technology Group that develops, produces
and markets systems and products for eco-friendly, efficient and resource
-effective use of energy.

Opcon has activities in Sweden, Germany and the UK. There are around 150
employees. The company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. The Group
comprises one business area:

Renewable Energy focuses on the following areas: electricity generation based on
waste heat, bioenergy-powered heating and CHP plants, pellets plants, handling
systems for biomass, sludge and natural gas, industrial cooling, flue gas
condensation, treatment of flue gases and air systems for fuel cells.