Dividend 2014 - payment details

| Source: BankNordik

With reference to recommendations issued by Nasdaq OMX Iceland, BankNordik shall hereby provide the following details for the dividend payments approved at BankNordik’s Annual General Meeting on 21 March 2014:

1. The dividend per share and the total dividend amount: DKK 1,5 per share and in total DKK 15,000,000

2. Is the dividend payment to be made in full or in part by means other than cash? No

3. Record date: 26 March 2014

4. Date when trading exclusive of dividends begins (ex-date): 24 March 2014

5. Payment date: 27 March 2014


Further information:

For further information please contact Investor Relations at BankNordik,

e-mail IR@banknordik.fo or tel. +298 330 330.