DALLAS, March 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Meet social media guru Eve Mayer, a divorced mom, humorist, and author of the new book "Get It Girl Guide to Online Dating & Sextiquette™" (Brown Books Publishing Group). Refreshingly irreverent, reliable and hysterical, Mayer provides readers with an eye-opening look inside the tech savvy world of dating. It's Sex in the City for the digital age.

If smartphones, texting and snapchat hadn't been invented the last time you dated, you'll need a whole new Emily Post when it comes to today's dating scene.

Readers might think, what does she know, and she doesn't blame them. "I'd be skeptical too," she offers. From the get-go Mayer makes it clear she is not a therapist, counselor, doctor, or sexologist. She's not even a yoga instructor. More likely, she's just like a best girlfriend - just funnier and dirtier.

After 14 years with one man, Mayer ran toward her fear to embark on a whole new digital world of dating. Match.com, eHarmony, and howaboutwe.com are only three of many online dating services. Diving in head first, she went on 59 dates with 28 men in nine months, walking away with experiences that shocked her, thrilled her, and just plain cracked her up.

Catchy chapter titles like "Once Upon a Time Warp," "Get Ready for Your Close-up: The Dreaded Profile Pics," and "He Said What?! The Chat Phase" are laugh out loud funny. She gives real world advice to women, including a list of hilarious and effective responses to text back when they are dumbfounded by the receipt of a text from a man, including a picture of a certain body part.

Mayer holds nothing back making each shared experience even more enlightening. She says, "This a book for women who are looking for a man forever, looking for a man tonight, and for women who don't remember the last time they dated with a smile on their face."

"Get It Girl Guide" is a page-turner that is open and honest. Mayer's wicked sense of humor coupled with her realistic outlook on life is crazy fun.

Fearless, her "Top Ten Tips for Online Dating Success" include: "Online dating can be a bitch. Make it your bitch!"; "Expand your horizons. Try some flavors of men you've never considered before"; and "Tell the truth in your profiles about who you are and what you want, and keep your pictures within six pounds and six months." In addition, she provides readers with an appendix outlining stat reports for online dating, and another appendix providing a list of 50 online dating sites with detailed information about each. GetItGirlGuide.com will have an even bigger list of dating sites with information, as well as a spot where users can rate dating sites, much like they rate hotels on Tripadvisor.com.

Next month, Mayer will launch the "Get It Girl Guide" Podcast, where she will discuss online dating sites, as well as dating apps and tips for women who want the most out of their online dating experience. Throughout 2014, she will be making personals appearances to do book signings and speak on the topics of online dating, and women empowerment. Stops include: New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, London, New York and Minneapolis.

To learn more, visit: www.GetItGirlGuide.com.

Books are available online and in bookstores.

About the Author

Eve Mayer speaks professionally on the topics of online dating and women empowerment and has spoken for TEDx on "The Fearless Alter Ego." When she's not off seeking adventure on another date, she is CEO of Social Media Delivered, where she is recognized by Forbes as one of the top 20 "Social Media Power Influencers" of 2013. Mayer writes, speaks and consults worldwide on the subject of using social media to achieve business goals. She is also the author of "The Social Media Business Equation" and is known as @LinkedInQueen on Twitter. CNN named Eve one of the "8 Women who will inspire, inform and amuse you" on Twitter in 2013."

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