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Momentis' ERP Fashion Software and Industry Expert Consultants are The Jaytex Group's Top Choice

| Source: Momentis Systems Inc

MONTREAL, March 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Representing various apparel brands; Kenneth Cole New York, Ben Sherman and other popular apparel, swimwear and footwear brands throughout Canada, while managing a successful private label wholesale business, is no simple feat. Throw in the operation of a small but growing number of Ben Sherman, Original Penguin, Lilly Pulitzer and Just Add Water retail locations, and it is understandable why The Jaytex Group needs a world-class ERP system to streamline its business processes.

In 2010 Jaytex determined that it had come as far as it could using an outdated ERP system and began searching for a replacement that would support its current needs and projected growth. In evaluating available options, Jaytex' primary objective was locating a single vendor whose product could manage all facets of its business, including purchase planning, costing, production and inventory planning, warehouse management, order entry, invoicing, picking, EDI and accounting, while delivering actionable business intelligence. Of the ERP systems Jaytex considered, none handled all of these functions as deftly as the Momentis Fashion System.  

Momentis has been able to set itself apart by harnessing its consultants' knowledge to continuously improve its product offering. "The industry experience of Momentis project managers is an incredible asset," says Dalia Shayo, Executive Vice President at Jaytex. "They understand our business needs and they really understand our staff." 

From the onset of Momentis' implementation, Jaytex realized it made the right decision. Shayo states that "we're extremely pleased with the system, and that goes for all of our staff – we have only received positive feedback. Momentis is sophisticated, but user friendly. It's night and day compared to our previous system."

Since implementing the Momentis Fashion System, Jaytex has seen vast improvements throughout its business. Shayo emphasizes that "the software performs incredibly well. Inventory is seamless. APGL is seamless. EDI is seamless." Even though EDI operates according to standards, Jaytex has seen tangible benefits from processing EDI transactions through Momentis. Shayo notes that "EDI with Momentis has been a huge timesaver, and is a lot simpler than what we've ever used over the past 20 years. Performing the same operations as we have for decades using EDI takes half the time with Momentis."

The unified system has enabled Jaytex to harness its strengths, resulting in a more satisfying experience for all stakeholders. From a managerial standpoint, Jaytex is enjoying added visibility into the company's operations. Shayo notes that "We now have access to much more accurate information than we ever did before. Momentis' comprehensive reporting tools deliver key information when we need it, in the format we need it in." Shayo also expresses confidence in the system going forward, noting that: "the beauty of Momentis is it keeps getting upgraded as customer needs and the industry as a whole are changing. We have only been live for 3 years, but have already seen significant positive changes."

Jeremy Turner