Announcement of Shareholders Meeting

| Source: Rigas farmaceitiska fabrika

Shareholders Meeting of JSC “RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” (Reg.No. 40003000765) will take place on 29th of April, 2014, at 10:00 am, at Tomsona street 37, Riga in premises of 1st Medicine School. Registration of shareholders starting from 09:40 am in the day of meeting.


On agenda: 


  1. Approval of annual report for the year 2013;
  2. Exemption of Board Members of the JSC “RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” from responsibility for activity in the year 2013;
  3. Profit distribution of the year 2013;
  4. Adoption of budget and action plan of JSC “ RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” of the annual year;
  5. Elections of sworn auditor of the year 2014;
  6. Other issues.


Record day for participation of shareholders in the regular shareholder’s meeting of the JSC “RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” is 17th of April 2014. Only persons being shareholders on the record day are entitled to participate in the regular shareholder’s meeting of the JSC “RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” on 29th of April 2014 with the shares in their possession.


Shareholders representing at least 1/20 of the company’s share capital are entitled to request the authority that calls the shareholder’s meeting inclusion of additional items on the agenda of the meeting within 7 days from the day the announcement is published. Shareholders suggesting inclusion of additional items on the agenda of the shareholder’s meeting are obliged to submit draft decisions on items the inclusion whereof they suggest or explanations about those items where it is not planned to make decisions to the authority that calls the shareholders’ meeting.


The shareholders may get familiarized with drafts of the decisions to be considered at the Shareholder’s meeting, as well as submit suggestions about issued to be included in the agenda, from 14th April 2014 until 28th April 2014 every working day from 9.00 until 12.00 hours at the legal address of JSC “RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” at Duntes street 16/22, Riga.


Upon registration for Shareholder’s meeting, the shareholder shall present a passport or other personal document (with a photo), where name, surname and personal identity code of shareholder is indicated. If a shareholder is presented by his authorized person at the meeting, the certified trust deed document should be given, as well as personal document of the authorized person is required.