Mandatory upgrade of SAPRI Trade client in the production environment – New date, Tuesday 8th April

| Source: N2EX


As previously announced, N2EX are introducing new products into the Day-Ahead Auction. This means that all members will have to install a new SAPRI trade client.

This upgrade, originally planned for the 31st March, has now been moved to the 8th April in order to ensure that all members are prepared for the transition from the old system to the new one.

For more information about the new products, please refer to the Release Note and the new SAPRI User Guide which can be found at


How will the upgrade take place?


7th April, after 13:00 GMT:

  • We encourage members to install the new SAPRI version as soon as possible in order to make sure that all systems are ready for the auction the next day


8th April

  • All members will need to have the new SAPRI client installed in order to participate in the auction with delivery on 9th April
  • Orders submitted using the old version of SAPRI will NOT be included into the auction. Members will have to re-submit using the new version.


If you are still not familiar with the new SAPRI trade client, please feel free to contact us - we are more than happy to arrange a WebEx training session. The training should take no longer than one hour and can be arranged by emailing your account manager Emma McKiernan

The Member Test environment is open every day for any members who wish to carry out further testing. Gate closure within the test environment is at 14:30 GMT with publication time 15:00 GMT every day. Each member has test users that resemble the production environment. If you do not have your login credentials, please contact the N2EX trading desk using the contact details below.



For further information, please contact:

N2EX Trading Operations,

tel +44 207 065 8140/+47 6710 9190,