DB Kurvestejler 2019

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8 April 2014



DB Kurvestejler 2019


On 9 April 2014, Danske Bank will issue steepener notes linked to the 10- and 2-year swap rate in Swedish Kronor. The notes are designated “DB Kurvestejler 2019(ISIN SE0005794872).

 Expressions and terms in this company announcement have the same meaning as the expressions and terms defined in the Applicable Final Terms dated 8 April 2014, which are published with this announcement.


On the basis of the subscription orders, the total nominal amount is SEK 450,000,000.


In accordance with the Applicable Final Terms, Danske Bank, as calculation agent, has fixed the leverage at 1,400.00% and the cap at 3.50%, as indicated in the Preliminary Final Terms.


For further information about the notes, please see the Applicable Final Terms, which together with the Base Prospectus specify the terms and conditions of the notes.



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