Extraordinary General Meeting of Jyske Bank A/S held on 10 April 2014

| Source: Jyske Bank

At the Extraordinary General Meeting of Jyske Bank held today, the resolutions set out in the agenda were finally adopted.

The five candidates from Election Region East, whom the Supervisory Board had proposed for election to the Shareholders' Representatives, were all elected: Oluf Engell (Skodsborg), Kurt Bligaard Pedersen (Copenhagen Ø), Kristian May (Hillerød), Niels Fog (Vordingborg) and Rina Asmussen (Klampenborg).

In its corporate announcement of 19 March 2014, Jyske Bank gave an account of the procedure at the annual general meeting held the same day and stated that the resolutions about the future elections of members to the Bank's Shareholders' Representatives and Supervisory Board among the supervisory board members of BRFholding a/s obtained a majority of the votes cast, but did not obtain the necessary support from 3/4 of the voting share capital represented at the Annual General Meeting and were hence not adopted. 

BRFkredit a/s and Jyske Bank A/S have today signed a revised agreement which is not conditional on an amendment to Jyske Bank's Articles of Association concerning special skills requirements for the Supervisory Board and which states Jyske Bank's intention that the candidates proposed by BRFholding are recommended and proposed for election to the Shareholders' Representatives and Supervisory Board of Jyske Bank A/S. 

In accordance with the agreement Jyske Bank will call a second Extraordinary General Meeting at which a motion will be proposed for the election of a supervisory board member under Art. 16(1), item b of the Bank's Articles of Association. 

The merger of BRFkredit and Jyske Bank is still conditional on approval by the relevant authorities. The necessary approvals from the Danish FSA have been received.

The merger is still expected to be implemented in the second quarter of 2014.

Please direct any questions regarding this announcement to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Sven Buhrkall, tel. +45 89 89 20 01.