Regarding conclusion of the Novation Agreement

| Source: Klaipedos Nafta

AB Klaipėdos Nafta (hereinafter, the Company) hereby informs that on 11 April 2014, in performance of the Agreement on the Lease, Operation, and Maintenance (Repair) of the Liquefied Natural Gas Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (hereinafter, the FSRU) for the Term of 10 Years with the FSRU Purchase Right (hereinafter, the Agreement), concluded on 2 March 2012 with Höegh LNG Ltd., the winner of the public procurement organised by the Company “Acquisition of the liquefied natural gas floating storage with regasification unit”, the Novation Agreement (hereinafter, the Novation Agreement) was entered into, according to which a part of rights and obligations of Höegh LNG Ltd. under the Agreement, except for the rights and obligations related to the right of the Company to purchase the FSRU, were assigned to Hoegh LNG Klaipėda, UAB, a company indirectly fully controlled by Höegh LNG Ltd.

Following the Novation Agreement regarding assignment of rights and obligations under the Agreement it is inter alia foreseen that Höegh LNG Ltd. remains jointly and severally liable for all obligations assigned to Hoegh LNG Klaipėda, UAB

         Mantas Bartuška, Director of the Finance and Administration Department, +370 46 391 763