Auction result Treasury bills RIKV 14 0715 & RIKV 14 1015

| Source: Ríkissjóður Íslands - Lánamál ríkisins

Today at 11:00 am, Government Debt Management auctioned Treasury bills in series RIKV 14 0715 and RIKV 14 1015. 

The auction was structured as a single-price auction, which means that all accepted bids are offered to the bidders at the same price. The lowest accepted price (highest yield) determines the selling price. Yield is calculated as a simple interest rate based on the Actual/360 day rule. 

The main results of the auction were: 

RIKV 14 0715:

Number of bids in the series was 6 amounting to ISK 6,130 million nominal value. All bids were rejected. 

RIKV 14 1015:

Number of bids in the series was 10 amounting to ISK 2,730 million nominal value. Bids were accepted for ISK 630 million nominal value at the price of 97.959 (simple interest of 4.10%).