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| Source: Rigas kugu buvetava

RKB signs the protocol of intentions for foundation of Joint Venture
for land drilling rig production

            JSC „Rīgas kuģu būvētava” has signed the protocol of intentions with Singapore company „SBI”.

The protocol foresees to establish the joint venture for producing oil and gas drilling rig platforms and equipment.

This joint venture will allow Riga shipbuilders to use the practices and experience of professionals from Singapore, that will give the possibility for RKB to be involved in the business of drilling rig platforms – the gigantic production and installation business of 21st century.

JSC „Rīgas kuģu būvētava” continue to delelop and the serious interest from potential foreign partners about our company is beeing observed. Now the active business season for ship repair has began and RKB is ready to take up at the dock the ships from Germany, Scandinavian and other countries.

„At the same time the involving in the business of oil and gas drilling rig platforms production has began,” as Vasīlijs Meļņiks, the Chairman of the Board of JSC „Rīgas kuģu būvētava” commented.

Also should be noted that last year JSC „Rīgas kuģu būvētava” has celebrated the 100 years Anniversary.

Members of the Board of A/S „Rīgas kuģu būvētava”