Shares of HB Grandi transferred from First North Iceland to NASDAQ OMX Iceland‘s Main Market

| Source: First North Iceland

NASDAQ OMX Iceland hf. (the Exchange) has approved HB Grandi hf.‘s (HB Grandi) (ID no. 541185-0389) request for delisting of the company‘s shares from First North Iceland and its request for admission to trading of the shares on the Exchange‘s Main Market (Main Market). The last day of trading in HB Grandi‘s shares on First North Iceland will be 23 April 2014 and the shares will be admitted to trading on the Main Market the next trading day, 25 April 2014.

Company name           HB Grandi hf.

Symbol                        GRND

Market segment           First North Iceland / 101

Last day of trading       23 April 2014

ISIN code                     IS0000000297

Orderbook ID               36551