Draft decisions Project of JSC RFF 29 April 2014 Shareholders Meeting

| Source: Rigas farmaceitiska fabrika

Draft decisions Project of JSC “RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” 29 April 2014 Shareholders Meeting:

1.      To approve annual report for the year 2013 from January, 1 till December, 31 of JSC „RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA”, verified by LTD “ABrevīzija” sworn auditor Maris Bergmanis.

2.      To release the JSC “RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” Board members from responsibility for activity in the year 2013.

3.      To leave JSC “RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” profit undistributed.

4.      To approve budget and action plan of JSC “RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” for the year 2014.

5.      To elect LTD „I.F. REVĪZIJA”, reg.No. 40003621245, legal address: Elizabetes street 45/47, Riga, LV-1010, sworn auditor Elita Stabiņa, license No 162 as an auditor of JSC “RĪGAS FARMACEITISKĀ FABRIKA” for the year 2014, determining remuneration at the amount of 4000 EUR without value added tax.

6.      To authorize the Company’s Board with re-authorization rights to perform all actions in connection with execution of this decision.