IT – Genium INET 4.0220 Project Update for Fixed Income (40/14)

| Source: Fixed Income

As earlier communicated the Genium INET release 4.0220 is a mandatory release due to the launch of Automatic Take up/Give up functionality. This functionality has an impact to the OMnet API which impacts the NASDAQ OMX front-end Clearing Workstation 1. Please see IT-Notice 30/14 for further information.

Due to the Genium INET upgrade the test systems are currently being prepared. The new planned launch date for External Test system 4 is after Easter; April 23rd with the exception that Automatic Take up / Give up functionality will be available for testing April 29th.


  • External Test System 4 – Planned upgrade April 23rd.
    (Automatic Give Up/ Take up functionality will be available to test as of April 29th )
  • External Test System 3 – Planned upgrade May 14th.
  • External Test System 1 – Planned upgrade May 20th.

The initial release of the NASDAQ OMXs front-end applications Trading Workstation and Clearing Workstation 1 are planned to be released April 22nd and the go-live versions are planned to be released May 9th. The NASDAQ OMX front-end applications will be available for download together with additional documentation on the NASDAQ OMX Genium INET 4.0220 webpage.

For members and Independent Software Vendors who are developing applications for NASDAQ OMX Nordic Genium INET marketplaces, OMnet OAPI kit and OMnet header file can be downloaded from Genium INET 4.0220 webpage.

Please see IT-Notice 25/14 for a full overview of the functionality and enhancements of Genium INET 4.0220 for NASDAQ OMX Fixed Income.

For technical questions, please contact:
Technical Support
+46 8 405 6750