Enea Annual Report 2013 in English

| Source: Enea AB
The annual report for 2013 in English.
For more information visit www.enea.com or contact

Anders Lidbeck, President & CEO
E-mail: anders.lidbeck@enea.com

Sofie Sarhed, Investor Relations
Phone: +46 709 71 40 05 or e-mail: sofie.sarhed@enea.com
About Enea
Enea is a global vendor of Linux and Real-time operating system solutions
including middleware, tools, protocols and services. The company is a world
leader in developing software platforms for communication-driven products in
multiple verticals, with extreme demands on high-availability and performance.
Enea’s expertise in operating systems and high availability middleware shortens
development cycles, brings down product costs and increases system reliability.
The company’s vertical solutions cover telecom handsets and infrastructure,
medtech, automotive and mil/aero. Enea has offices in Europe, North America and
Asia, and is listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm AB. For more
information please visit enea.com or contact us at info@enea.com.

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