Net Insight AB : Net Insight Annual Report 2013 now published on

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Net Insight Annual Report 2013 is available on the company's website as of
today, at

Net  Insight has decided to focus on a digital annual report since more and more
people  are using our  website to find  financial information. Having the annual
report  in a digital format has a positive effect on the environment and reduced
cost for printing.

Please  download the Net Insight Annual Report on  our web site or if you want a
printed   version   please   send  an  e-mail  to  or  call
+46 8 685 04 00.

Net  Insight  AB  discloses  the  information  provided  herein  pursuant to the
Securities  Market  Act  and/or  the  Financial  Instruments  Trading  Act.  The
information was submitted for publication on April 17, 2014 at 09.00 CET.

For further information, please contact: +46 8 685 04 00 or

About Net Insight
Net Insight delivers the world's most efficient and scalable transport solution
for Broadcast and IP Media, Digital Terrestrial TV and IPTV/CATV networks.

Net Insight products truly deliver 100 percent Quality of Service with three
times improvement in utilization of bandwidth for a converged transport
infrastructure. Net Insight's Nimbra(TM) platform is the industry solution for
video, voice and data, reducing operational costs by 50 percent and enhancing
competitiveness in delivery of existing and new media services.

More than 200 world class customers run mission critical video services over Net
Insight products in over 60 countries. Net Insight is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX,

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