Notification on the acquisition of voting rights

| Source: AUGA group

On 22 April 2014 AB Agrowill Group received a notification of Baltic Champs Group, UAB, Vretola Holdings Limited, Volemer Holdings Limited, UAB “Eastern Agro Holdings”, UAB Sauledra, Romualdas Antanas Petrošius, Aldona Petrošienė, Jurgis Petrošius, Marius Žutautas, Vladas Bagavičius and Domantas Savičius on the acquisition of voting rights. The threshold that was crossed – 75%, the reason for crossing the threshold – increase of the authorised capital of the company according to the decisions of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of 13 March 2014, as well as the signature of the shareholders’ agreement, dated 15 April 2014 between the company and its aforementioned shareholders.


         Vladas Bagavičius
         Chairman of the Board
         tel. +370 233 5340