DSV A/S - reduction in share capital by the cancellation of treasury shares

| Source: Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S

The share capital of the following share will be reduced in NASDAQ OMX systems as per 25 April 2014 due to the cancellation of treasury shares.


ISIN: DK0060079531
Name: DSV
Volume before change: 180,000,000 shares (DKK 180,000,000)
Change: 3,000,000 shares (DKK 3,000,000)
Volume after change: 177,000,000 shares (DKK 177,000,000)
Face value: DKK 1
Short name: DSV
Orderbook ID: 3415



For further information, please contact: Asta Jepsen, Surveillance, tel. +45 33 93 33 66