IT - Genium INET Release 4.0.0220 Launch June 9th - Project Update for NASDAQ OMX Commodities (45/14)

| Source: Nasdaq Commodities

The purpose of this IT-Notice is to advice members and ISVs that further to (Ref IT-Notice 28/14) NASDAQ OMX Commodities will convert to the German trading, clearing and margining calendars for the German and Dutch Power markets. The German Market will be open for trading on the Thursday prior to Easter as well as 17 May. Furthermore, the affected markets will be closed on the 3 October due to the German national holiday. Please note that clearing members who are active in several markets (i.e. in several currencies) must always cover their total margin requirements if any of their active markets are open. Please see Exchange and Clearing Information (no 32/14) for further information

Updated OMnet API Message Reference Guide Published

A new OMnet Message reference version 1104 has replaced the earlier published version 1092 in regards to the changes implemented in the KQ14 query as per below.
The KQ14 query must be implemented as a segmented query in order to handle large result sets.Two changes have been added, one on the query part of KQ14 where SEGMENT_NUMBER, and one on the answer part KA14 where structure ANSWER_HDR has been replaced with structure ANSWER_SEGMENT_HDR. The new OMnet Message Reference Guide can be downloaded from NASDAQ OMX 4.0220 website. The changes of KQ14 have generated a new OMnet header file that is also available for download on NASDAQ OMX website under this link

Mandatory upgrade of Clearing Workstation 1 (CW1)

In regards to Introduction of Automatic Give-up / Take-up functionality NASDAQ OMX has modified CQ128 (Account Query) API messages that require a mandatory upgrade of CW1. Please see IT-Notice 30/14 for further information. The test release of CW1 is released April 22nd. The go-live version is planned to be released May 9th.

EMIR Trade Reporting Enhancements

As of June NASDAQ OMX will implement changes and enhancements for the trade reporting service like the introduction of Mark-to Market value reporting and position reporting of all trades with the except non-standard OTC contracts. For a full overview of the changes introduced in June, please see the summary of changes in the EMIR Reporting Handbook located on our European Clearing website.

Genium INET External Test Systems will be upgraded to release 4.0.0220 the following dates:

  • External Test System 4 (Ext4) - Planned upgrade April 23rd.
    (The Automatic Take up / Give up functionality will be available for testing April 29th.)
  • External Test System 3 (Ext3) - Planned upgrade May 14th.
  • External Test System 1 - Planned upgrade May 20th.

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