Turn a Rental into a Home ... with the Help of Plastics

| Source: Canadian Plastics Industry Association



TORONTO, April 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Choosing to rent instead of own your home? Decorating with some innovative yet readily available items can help you bring some personal style to your place, without asking your landlord to knock down walls and make big, expensive changes. Here are some ideas … made possible by plastics:

  • Many rentals lack adequate storage and display space for linens, towels, clothing, pictures, books, DVDs … you know, your stuff. Plastic shelving systems come in all shapes and sizes to increase storage space and to help keep you organized. They can create the look of a custom closet or expensive shelving – and then head with you to your next home. Click here to see examples for inspiration.
  • To create privacy or to separate living areas, try segmenting your space with plastic room dividers. These free standing or hanging walls are portable, lightweight, and easy to move. They are an affordable way to designate space for different functions, and add a bit of design intrigue to a large room or study loft – and you get to take these walls with you if you move. Click here to see an example of sleek, modern polycarbonate plastic room dividers.
  • Need to brighten up things? OK, you can't add windows, but bright paints can help. A bit of paint is one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a space (check with your landlord first!). Many people don't realize that plastics help make many paints such as latex and acrylic paints, durable, long lasting and resistant to stains. Adding creative, inexpensive plastic lamps is another easy fix. You may even consider adding colourful vinyl plastic decals to brighten up your walls – they're readily removed without damaging drywall, paint or wallpaper and could possibly be reused in your next place.
  • To add some life to your home, head to your local garden store for some plants. Since many rentals are short on space, check out "vertical gardens," a great way to grow plants without taking up scarce floor space (if you want to hang these on walls, check with your landlord). The innovative Woolly Pockets vertical gardens are even made with recycled plastic bottles. 
  • An easy way to add colour, comfort, and warmth to any room can be done with the use of throw rugs. Rugs made with plastic fibres can often be used indoors and outdoors, and cleaned with a sponge or water hose. Click here to see rugs made with recycled plastics

Today's intelligent plastics are vital to the modern world. These materials enhance our lifestyles, our economy and the environment.  For more information visit www.intelligentplastics.ca.

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