On the disposal of convertible bonds of AB ,,Utenos trikotažas”

| Source: Utenos Trikotazas

AB “UTENOS TRIKOTAŽAS”, legal entity code 183709468, registered address at J. Basanavičiaus str. 122, Utena, Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – the Company) hereby announcesthat a Swedish company FR&R Invest AB sold 50 units of convertible bonds of the Company to the following shareholders of the Company:


  • UAB koncernas „SBA“ (number of acquired bonds: 34 units);
  • AmberTrust S.C.A., SICAF-SIF (number of acquired bonds: 9 units);
  • KJK Fund, SICAF-SIF (number of acquired bonds: 4 units);
  • FIREBIRD REPUBLICS FUND LTD (number of acquired bonds: 2 units);
  • FIREBIRD AVRORA FUND LTD (number of acquired bonds: 1 units).


Information on bonds (hereinafter – Bonds)

Date of issue of Bonds – 11 January 2010;

Bonds’ ISIN code – LT1000450007;

Par value of one Bond – EUR 68 640 (sixty eight thousand and six hundred forty euro);

Total par value of Bonds – EUR 3 432 000 (three million and four hundred thirty two thousand euro);

Discounted issue price of one Bond on the date of issue – EUR 32 574,32 (thirty two thousand and five hundred seventy four euro and thirty two euro cents);

Total discounted issue price of Bonds on the date of issue – EUR 1 628 716 (one million and six hundred twenty eight thousand seven hundred sixteen euro);

Annual interest rate of Bonds – 0 (zero) percent;

Average profitability of a Bond before redemption – 15 (fifteen) percent interest per annum, calculated on the basis of the discounted issue price of the Bonds. For this purpose, the interest shall be calculated on a monthly basis;

Bonds currency – Euro;

Starting date of validity of Bonds – 12 January 2010;

Term of validity of Bonds – 5 (five) years;

Redemption date (term) of Bonds – 12 January 2015;

Term for notifying the intendedconversion of Bonds into the shares – from 12 January 2010 till 11 December 2014 (inclusive).

When acquiring bonds, the Company, the buyers of Bonds and “Swedbank lizingas”, UAB, legal person code 111568069, arranged the subordination agreement whereby the buyer’s claim towards the Company to redeem the Bonds (as well as to execute all other payments related to the Bonds) shall be subordinated with respect to all financing that is granted by “Swedbank lizingas”, UABaccording to all leasing agreements (financial lease agreements, agreements on lease with option to purchase). 

This notice shall not be confidential. 

For additional information on all questions stated in this notice, please contact Mr Saulius Rakauskis, a Director of Finance of akcinė bendrovė “UTENOS TRIKOTAŽAS”, tel. +370 389 51445. 


Managing Director    AB “Utenos trikotažas”     Gintautas Bareika