Please find attached the Nordic Surveillance report for the first quarter 2014. The quarterly reports describe the main day-to-day activities and achievements within Nordic Surveillance. The reports also contain articles concerning regulatory developments, rule changes and guidelines that may be of interest to the market.

The rules of the Exchange, as well as the methodology of the surveillance, are in substance harmonized between the NASDAQ OMX Exchanges in the Nordic countries. Due to national regulations, however, there might be differences. For the reader to be able to distinguish the differences, some of the articles will be marked with flags to highlight this circumstance. ”The Exchange” refers to NASDAQ OMX as relevant in each local jurisdiction.


The report alongside our annual reports is available on the web site of Nordic Surveillance:




Any queries regarding the report will be answered by Baldur Thorlacius, Head of Surveillance Icelandic Markets.


NASDAQ OMX Iceland hf.
Baldur Thorlacius
Head of Surveillance
+354 525 2851