Notice on an ordinary shareholders meeting of JSC “Liepājasautobusu parks”

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Liepaja, 2014-04-30 13:48 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Notice on an ordinary shareholders meeting of JSC “Liepājasautobusu parks”  

The firm, registration number and juridical address:
Joint stock Company “Liepājas autobusu parks”, registration number 40003015652, addressCukura Street 8/16, Liepaja, LV-3414.  

Number of total share voters:
627 441 shares with voting rights  

Meeting place: 
Cukura Street 8/16, Liepaja, at premises of JSC “Liepājas autobusu parks”, 4 room.  

Meeting time:
3 June of 2014, 11:00 o’clock.  

Type of meeting:
Ordinary shareholders meeting.  

Shareholders rights to include questions in work order of shareholder meeting: 
1) shareholders who own at least 1/20 (one twentieth) of company’s capital stock within sevendays of announcing this notice or within five days after receiving this notice have rights to demand to the company’s board to include additional questions in the agenda of the shareholder meeting;
2) shareholders who propose to include additional questions in the agenda of shareholders meeting, have dutyto submit to company’s board draft decisions about questions that they want to include inagenda of shareholders meeting or explanation about questions in which it is not supposed tomake any decisions.  

Shareholders rights to submit draft decisions for the discussion about the issues included inagenda of the meeting and to ask questions about the issues of the agenda of shareholdersmeeting:
1) shareholders within seven days from the day when the notice about shareholders meeting was distributed, have rights to submit draft decisions to company’s board about questions included in the agenda of shareholders meeting;
2) shareholders have rights to submit draft decisions on questions included in the agenda of the shareholders meeting during the meeting if all questions of the agenda are reviewed and rejected.  

Date of entry:
1) rights to participate in the extraordinary shareholders meeting have only those shareholders who will owncompany’s shares in entry date, in the end of May 26, 2014;
2) shareholders representatives and authorized persons have to show their passports or other identity document at registration, need to submit written warrant of represented shareholder (the warrant form is available on JSC “Liepājas autobusu parks” home and on Official obligatory information central keeping system internet or legal representatives need to show document that confirms authority.  

Place and way how shareholders may obtain Company’s disposable draft decisions and forms that are used for voting on the warrant basis:
Shareholders have rights to receive draft decisions and forms, which are used for voting on thewarrant basis, without charge from May 20 of 2014 till June 2 of 2014 on Official obligatoryinformation central keeping system internet page and on the JSC “Riga stock exchange”home page, and also during work days from 9:00 till 16:00o’clock in Liepaja, Cukura Street 8/16, JSC “Liepājas autobusu parks” secretariat, by prior arrangement in previous day by phone 63426778, but on the day of shareholder meeting – at the registration place.
The draft decision on 7th question of the agenda is included in this notice.  

Homepage addresses, where this notice is available:
1) ;
2) ;

Registration of the shareholders:
At the day of meeting on June 3 of 2014 from 10:00 till 11:00 o’clock at the shareholders meeting place.  

Work order:
1. Reports of the board of directors, the supervisory board and the sworn auditor about results of 2013.
2. Approval of the annual report 2013:
2.1. approval of the annual report 2013;
2.2. approval of the consolidated annual report 2013.
3. Disposal of earnings of 2013.
4. Approval of the budget and working plan for 2014:
4.1. income;
4.2. expenses;
4.3. planned earning of 2014.
5. The election of the sworn auditor and the determination of the sworn auditor’s remuneration.
6. Denomination of the share capital.
7. An amendment of the Company’s Articles of the Association:
7.1. approval of the amendment of the Company’s Articles of the Association;
7.2. approval of the new version of Company’s Articles of the Association.  

It is supposed to determine July 4 of 2014 as the date of the denomination of Company’s share capital.  

The draft decision on the 7th question of the agenda
7.1. To approve the amendment of the Company’s Articles of Association and express it’s 3rd Article in the fallowing form:
3.1. Company’s share capital is EUR 878 417.4 (eight hundred seventy eight thousand four hundred seventeen euro and 40 cents.
3.2. Company’s share capital consists of 627 441 (six hundred twenty seven thousand four hundred one) share of which:
3.2.1. 239 900 (two hundred thirty nine thousand and ninety) shares are bearer shares in dematerialized form;
3.2.2. 387 541 (three hundred eighty seven thousand five hundred forty one) share is registered share in paper form which are shares of closed emission.
3.3. The nominal value of one share is EUR 1.40 (one euro and 40 cents).”  

7.2. To approve the Company’s Articles of the Association in the new version.      

Form of power of attorney attached

Board of JSC “Liepājas autobusu parks”