Introduction of Weekly options on Swedish shares

| Source: Global Data Products

NASDAQ OMX Derivatives Markets will introduce weekly options on Swedish shares. The launch date for introduction of weekly options on Swedish shares in production has now been set to Monday May 26th

Furthermore, based on feedback from trading and clearing participants, NASDAQ OMX has decided to introduce new instrument groups specifically for these weekly options as well as to change the series designation for the weekly options series on Swedish shares. By doing so, weekly options will be distinguished from currently listed monthly options by looking at the new instrument group codes, and the series designation format for single stock weekly options will align with the series designation format of index weekly options.

The product is available for testing in Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF)  test systems 3 and 4 as of today.

Series designation

The series designation will contain the description of the contract share, expiration year, expiration month, expiration day, “Y” for weeklY option, and exercise price.

Example of weekly options on the Swedbank share and the ABB share with expiry in July (G=July) 2014:

SWEDA4G04Y170: Expiration on 4 July
SWEDA4G11Y170: Expiration on 11 July
SWEDA4G25Y170: Expiration on 25 July

ABB4G04Y160: Expiration on 4 July
ABB4G11Y160: Expiration on 11 July
ABB4G25Y160: Expiration on 25 July

List of underlying shares

Weekly options on Swedish shares will be available for the following shares:

  • ABB
  • AstraZeneca
  • Ericsson B
  • Hennes & Mauritz B
  • Lundin Petroleum
  • Nordea
  • Nokia SEK
  • Swedbank A
  • SEB A
  • SHB A
  • Sandvik
  • TeliaSonera
  • Volvo B

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