Cloud Partners Announces Service Offering to Reduce Risk in Transformation Projects; $40 Million Savings in Early Projects

Accelerates time-to-market for big data, cloud computing transformations

| Source: Cloud Partners

WESTFIELD, N.J., May 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud Partners, a consulting firm that provides enterprise users with innovative technology solutions, announces release of its Transformation Enabler service offering that leverages enterprise data to enable transformation.

The offering enables collection and analysis of real-time infrastructure data to proactively manage servers, storage and networks and fit them properly to the applications running on them.  The service removes assumptions, closes gaps and makes predictable the science of building and operating infrastructure for Big Data, Cloud or legacy client server architectures.

Currently, large enterprises with legacy infrastructure use best practices along with operational models to plan then execute transitions and transformations, which involve making key assumptions regarding the underlying systems.

The Transformation Enabler service has yielded material benefits to several Fortune 100 financial services firms, including:

  • Identification of gaps and performance issues;
  • Prioritization of critical applications;
  • Re-provisioning of under-utilized servers, storage and network;
  • Improved time-to-value;
  • $40 million in savings realized to subsidize overall transformation costs.

"Virtually every large enterprise has begun, or is planning to embark on a significant transformation," said Michael Stemmler, managing partner and co-founder of Cloud Partners. "The challenge that exists is the lack of transparency these companies have into their legacy environments. Our solution uses actual data to take the guesswork out of transformation, which has yielded significant and quantifiable results for our customers. It's something we are very excited about."

Cloud Partners works in a consulting role with enterprises to address their specific business needs through application of emerging big data and cloud computing technologies. The firm specializes in understanding the rapidly-developing big data and enterprise cloud ecosystem and applying the right solution components to a particular business challenge or opportunity.

"Everyone understands there are significant benefits that can be realized through enabling cloud and big data," said Martin Colburn, chief technology officer and managing partner for Cloud Partners. "Using data to make decisions is critical to  starting a major transformation.  Now, with a relatively minimal, non-intrusive effort, we can materially impact our customers' business plans in a very positive way. This is a real game changer."

Cloud Partners assists its enterprise customers with the identification of technology use-cases from concept through execution.

About Cloud Partners

Cloud Partners introduces and delivers best-in-class big data and enterprise cloud solutions through a process that drastically reduces the cost and time-to-value for a global enterprise. Founded in 2011, Cloud Partners is focused exclusively on finding and enabling solutions for enterprises that are looking to unlock the potential in their data without the time, cost and complexity associated with having to research and evaluate technologies and suppliers. The firm is headquartered in New Jersey with a satellite office in Washington D.C. More information is available at and the company can be followed on Twitter at @cloudpartners1.

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