Sales in April

| Source: Baltika

In connection with Baltika’s exit from the Ukrainian retail business and selling the company there (agreement was signed on 29 April 2014), the sales revenue of the Ukrainian entity is presented as discontinued operation. Sales announcement presents only the results of continuing operations unless indicated otherwise.

Baltika’s consolidated sales revenue from continued operations for April totalled 4,257 thousand euros, increasing by 3% compared to the same period last year.

Baltika’s consolidated retail sales revenue for April was 3,811 thousand euros. Wholesale increased by 35% compared to April in previous year, e-com sales increased by 38%.

Sales in April


EUR thousand 2014 2013 Change
Retail 3,811 3,795 0%
Wholesale 418 309 35%
E-com sales 22 16 38%
Other 6 6 0%
Total 4,257 4,126 3%
Retail sales in Ukraine* 254 542 -53%

*Discontinued operations

Retail sales increased in Baltic states by 5%, thereof in Latvia +16%, in Lithuania +5% and remained on same level as prior year in Estonia. In Russia retail sales decreased by 20% compared to same period previous year. In local currency sales decreased in Russia by 4%.

At the end of April Baltika Group had 125 stores with a total sales area of 23,895 square metres, among which 2 franchise stores with sales area of 380 sqm in Belarus and 17 stores with sales area of 3,335 sqm in Ukraine, which belong to discontinued operations. In retail system the month average sales area increased by 7% compared to the same period last year.

Consolidated sales revenue for the 4 months totalled 16,428 thousand euros, increasing 4% yoy. Retail sales revenue was 14,920 thousand euros (+2% yoy), including Baltic states sales growth +9%. Wholesale was 1,367 thousand euros (+20% yoy) and e-com revenues 99 thousand euros (+60% yoy).


Maigi Pärnik
Member of the Management Board