Kalvebod Series 3 - Stock Exchange Notice - May 2014

| Source: Kalvebod Plc

Dear Sirs

Kalvebod plc Series 3 DKK 215,000,000 Fixed/Floating Rate Secured Notes due 2014 (ISIN: DK0030033378) (the “Notes”)

We refer to the Notes and the Prospectus in respect of the Notes dated 23 June 2006. On behalf of the Issuer, in our capacity as Listing Agent, we hereby notify you that a Bond Collateral Default occurred on 01 May 2014 (the “Bond Default Date”) when there was a failure to pay a scheduled amount of interest payable in respect of one of the obligations constituting Collateral in respect of
the Notes (the “Repayable Asset”). The notice set out in Annex 1 hereto has been delivered to each of the Noteholders.

Yours faithfully