Split with redemption and change of ISIN for IAR Systems Group AB (53/14)

| Source: Nasdaq Stockholm AB

Referring to the bulletin from IAR Systems Group AB’s AGM, held on April 24, 2014, the company will carry out a split with redemption, 2:1. The shares will be traded under new ISIN code with effect from May 6, 2014. 

Short name: IAR B
Terms: Split with redemption 2:1
Current ISIN: SE0000373128
Last day of trading with current ISIN code: May 5, 2014
New ISIN code: SE0005851706
First day of trading with new ISIN code: May 6, 2014
Unchanged Round lot: 1
Unchanged orderbook ID: 2346


For further information about the split with redemption, please contact IAR Systems Group AB. For further information about this exchange notice please contact Anna Jansson or Eva Norling, telephone +46 8 405 60 00, or iss@nasdaqomx.com