Arco Investeeringute AS’s claim against Compakt Capital OÜ

| Source: Arco Vara

On 17 December, 2013 Arco Investeeringute AS submitted to the court a claim against Compakt Capital OÜ in the amount of 127 824.- euros on the ground of a contract concluded between the counterparties. Together with the claim Arco Investeeringute AS submitted an application for securing its claim which Harju County Court satisfied. Compakt Capital OÜ did not agree with securing the claim and challenged the respective resolution. 

The Supreme Court’s resolution of 28 April, 2014, with what Compakt Capital OÜ’s appeal in cassation was decline, ended the dispute over securing the claim. Currently Arco Investeeringute AS’s claim is secured and the court proceeding between Arco Investeeringute AS and Compakt Capital OÜ will proceed.


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