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Caribbean International Holdings Wholly Owned Subsidiary Announces It Has Begun Processing Applicants for Treatments Via Its Website

Strategy is to Screen and Qualify Viable Applicants/Patients for Treatment in DR Through Regenerative BioScience, Inc.

Treatments Have Already Commenced

SARASOTA, Fla., May 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Caribbean International Holdings (Pink Sheets:CIHN) through its subsidiary, Regenerative BioScience, Inc., ("RBS") previously announced on May 2, 2014, that it had appointed Dr. Leonel Liriano as its Medical Director, today announced, in a further development, that via the Company's new website ( is now fully operational and it has begun processing initial requests for its no-cost cost complimentary consultations regarding the applicant's suitability to qualify for Company's revolutionary stem cell procedures.

Adult stem cells work as the repairmen of the body by replenishing and regenerating damaged tissues and cells. Certain conditions have shown marked improvement when treated with adult stem cells taken from the patient's own body. Regenerative BioScience is a revolution in healthcare using a patient's own adult stem cells. There is little to no risk of rejection when a patient's own stem cells are used.

As anticipated, RBS is averaging 3 to 5 applicants per week during its initial rollout period. Eight patients have now been fully qualified, and three are ready to go to the DR in the next two weeks, for their procedures to commence under the guidance of Dr. Liriano.

Each application or health record is initially processed and then sent to Dr. Liriano for his personal diagnosis. After Dr. Loriano's diagnosis, then representatives of both CIHN and RBS make the arrangements, as per Dr. Liriano instructions, for commencement of treatment.

Dr. Liriano, as previously reported, had treated well known athlete, Bartolo Colon, who was out of baseball for nearly 2 years because of a serious shoulder injury, but returned to the sport and became an All-Star thanks to a stem cell procedure where stem cells were taken from his body and then re-injected into his shoulder by Dr. Liriano. This injury previously may have required surgery to be repaired or the player would be forced into early retirement.

Steven Swank, Chairman and CEO of Caribbean International Holdings, stated, "We are happy with the number of applications we have received during this ramp-up period and the patients we have treated have shown great improvement, and are very satisfied with their progress."

Swank went on to say: "We at CIHN and RBS know that stem cells can work wonders and are pleased that our web site admissions program is operational, and our patient coordinators are doing their job. I am personally very gratified to announce eight patients have now been fully qualified, and three are ready to go to the DR in the next two weeks, for their procedures to commence under the guidance of Dr. Liriano. Since our contract was signed with Dr. Liriano on February 1st in New York, our day-to-day business has become more exciting for all of us here at CIHN, and the promise of great business to come seems inevitable to myself and our employees."

On another matter, the Company announced the opening of new treatment locations in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Cabo St Lucas, and is also negotiating to install a proprietary lab in Santa Domingo, Dominican, Republic.

Additionally the Company announced that on May 15th to the 17th, Rafael Gonzalez who is on the Company's advisory board, will be a guest speaker at the 22nd Annual World Congress on ANTI-AGING, REGENERATIVE & AESTHETIC MEDICINE, in Orlando, Florida

About The Company:

Caribbean International Holdings, Inc. is a holding company for Regenerative BioScience, Inc. ("RBSI"). The Company subsidiary RBSI is focused on helping individuals protect and ensure their future quality of life through Adult Stem Cell Incubation and the practice of regenerative medicine in the United States and the Dominican Republic. RBSI's mission is not only to allow patients to store their Stem Cells for future use, but also perform patient funded stem cell therapies for degenerative diseases such as MS, Arthritis, Degenerative Heart Diseases, Diabetes and a host of experimental therapies in the brain trauma disease sector including CTE. The goal is to become a global leader in establishing protocols that can be patented and utilized to heal patients around the world.

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