Reporting of transactions involving shares in Ambu A/S

| Source: Ambu A/S

In pursuance of Section 28 a, Subsection 5 of the Danish Securities Trading Act (Værdipapirhandelsloven), Ambu A/S hereby reports the following information which the company has received on 5 May 2014:


Name Christian Sagild
Reason Ambu A/S Board Member
Company name Ambu A/S
ID code and designation of securities concerned DK0010303619 B shares
Nature of transaction Purchase of shares in Ambu A/S
Trading date and market 5 May 2014 via OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen
No. of shares traded and market price thereof 3,000 shares at a market price of DKK 1,092,000


Yours sincerely,

Ambu A/S


Lars Marcher

President & CEO