Concentric AB acquires own shares

| Source: Concentric AB
Under the authorisation from the annual general meeting 2014, the board of
Concentric AB (publ) has decided to buy back own shares on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.
The repurchase is made on the purposes determined by the annual general meeting,
i.e in order to increase the flexibility for the board in connection to
potential future corporate acquisitions, as well as to be able to improve the
company’s capital structure and to cover costs for the company’s incentive
programs LTI 2012, LTI 2013 and LTI 2014, including any possible cash settled
alternatives, and enable delivery of shares in accordance with LTI 2012, LTI
2013 and LTI 2014.

Any acquisition of shares will take place before the annual general meeting
2015. Own shares may be acquired to the extent the company’s holdings of own
shares in total amounts to no more than one tenth of all shares in the company.
The company currently has 44,215,970 shares outstanding out of which the company
at the time of this press release holds 259,295 own shares. Acquisitions will be
made within the so called spread, meaning within the interval between the
highest purchase price and the lowest sales price. The acquisitions will be
managed by an investment firm or financial institution which makes its trading
decisions in relation to the company’s shares independently of and without
influence from the company.

For further information, please contact Lena Olofsdotter, Corporate
Communications. Telephone number +46 708 326 854.