CORRECTION: Decisions of The Annual shareholders` Meeting on 25 April 2014

| Source: Siguldas CMAS

Decisions of The Annual

JSC „Siguldas ciltslietu un mākslīgās apsēklošanas stacija”

Shareholders’ Meeting on 25 April 2014

(with amendments*)

  1. To approve The Board’s and The Council’s reports for The Annual Report 2013.
  2. To approve The Annual Report 2013.
  3. To pay as dividends EUR 59 141.60 from the retained earnings of EUR 700 585.13 carried forward from previous years, which is EUR 0.14 per share. The retained earnings of the reporting year EUR 70 095.06 are to be retained. To set May 15th 2014 as the date when the dividends are to be calculated and May 26th 2014 as the date of the dividend payout.
  4. To set free from accountability the members of The Board, the members of The Council and the auditor for the action in the year of account (2013) and to abjure from bringing any claims against them.
  5. To affirm certified auditor Anita Sondore (certificate No. 129, AUDITS A.S. Ltd, license No. 27) as the auditor.
  6. To approve the remuneration for the auditor for the audit of the annual report for the year 2014 of EUR 1 600.00, applicable to VAT under the effective legislation. 
  7. To reelect The Council of five members: Inita Bedrīte, Maija Beča, Solvita Arcimoviča, Jekaterina Kreise and Ērika Everte, for a subsequent term of 5 years and to approve the remuneration of EUR 150.00 per month to each member of The Council.       

 * Corrections had been made to the amounts of the disposed profit.

The Board of the Joint Stock Company „Siguldas ciltslietu un mākslīgās apsēklošanas stacija





         Valda Mālniece
         Member of The Board
         Head of The Financial and Accounting Department