Net Insight AB : Bulletin from Annual General Meeting in Net Insight AB (publ) on 8 May 2014

| Source: Net Insight AB
STOCKHOLM, Sweden - The following decisions were passed at the Annual General
Meeting (the "AGM") in Net Insight AB on 8 May 2014. The board of directors'
complete proposals has previously been published and is available at the
company's website,

Approval  of  the  annual  report,  appropriation  of  result and discharge from
The  AGM decided to  adopt the income  statement and balance sheet, consolidated
income  statement and balance  sheet for 2013. Furthermore,  it was decided that
the  company's results  shall be  carried forward  and thus  no dividend will be
distributed.  The AGM  decided to  discharge the  board members and the managing
director from liability.

Number of board members and auditors, election of board members and auditors and
fees to the board members and auditors
The AGM decided that the number of board members, appointed by the shareholders'
meeting,  should be  six without  deputies. Lars  Berg, Gunilla Fransson, Anders
Harrysson,  Cecilia  Beck-Friis,  Crister  Fritzson  and Regina Nilsson were re-
elected members of the board. Lars Berg was re-elected chairman of the board.

The  AGM decided  that the  number of  auditors shall  be one  without deputies.
PricewaterhouseCoopers  AB was re-elected  as the company's  auditor with Mikael
Winkvist as auditor in charge.

The  AGM  decided  that  the  remuneration  to  the  board  should amount to SEK
1 350 000 to  be  allocated  with  SEK  425 000 to  the chairman of the board of
directors and SEK 185 000 to each other member of the board of directors who are
not  employees in the company.  Remuneration to the auditor  will be on approved

Resolution  regarding the  nomination committee  and guidelines for remuneration
and other terms of employment for the group management
The  AGM  resolved  to  approve  the  proposed  instructions  for the nomination
committee  and  the  board  of  directors'  proposal  regarding  guidelines  for
remuneration and other terms of employment for the group management.

Net  Insight  AB  discloses  the  information  provided  herein  pursuant to the
Securities  Market  Act  and/or  the  Financial  Instruments  Trading  Act.  The
information was submitted for publication on May 8, 2014 at 13.00 CET.

For further information, please contact:
Lars Berg, Chairman of the Board, Net Insight AB
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Fredrik Tumegård, CEO, Net Insight AB
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