Auction result of nominal bonds RIKB 16 1013 & RIKB 20 0205

| Source: Ríkissjóður Íslands - Lánamál ríkisins

Today at 11:00 pm, Government Debt Management auctioned Treasury Bonds in the series RIKB 16 1013 and RIKB 20 0205. The auction was structured as a single-price auction, which means that all accepted bids are offered to the bidders at the same price. The lowest accepted price (highest yield) determined the selling price. 

The main results of the auction were: 

RIKB 16 1013:

Number of bids in this series were 4, amounting to 600 nominal value. 3 bids were accepted for 500 nominal value at the clean price of 102.930 (yield of 4.68%). 

RIKB 20 0205:

Number of bids in this series were 7, amounting to 1,400 nominal value. 7 bids were accepted for 1,400 nominal value at the clean price of 99.900 (yield of 6.26%). 


After the results of the auction are available, the GDM will offer primary dealers 10% of the nominal value sold in the auction at the price of accepted bids, until 14:00 on Tuesday, 13 May. Each primary dealer that has submitted an accepted bid in the auction has the right to purchase an amount proportional to its total purchase. The payment and settlement date for these transactions is Wednesday, 14 May, 2014.