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| Source: Rigas kugu buvetava

RKB Launches New Trawler, PATRICK C


The Rīga Shipyard (RKB) launched a new ship, the PATRICK C, at 2:00 PM yesterday, May 9.  The godmother of the vessel, Ira Sļusare, smashed the traditional bottle of Champagne against its bow, and once again the Rīga shipbuilder lowered one of its new ships into the water.

The PATRICK C is 23.99 metres long, 7.40 metres wide, with a draught of 5.85 metres and a cargo loading capacity of 205 tonnes.  The Rīga Shipyard built the trawler in five-and-a-half months.  The ship will be registered at Colgherhead, Ireland, where it will be used by Irish fishermen.

The ship was commissioned by the Vestvaerftet Aps Company in Denmark, with which the Rīga Shipyard has enjoyed a successful partnership ever since 1998.  The Latvian company has built more than 30 ships of various sizes for the Danish partners.

The new ship building and repair season is approaching, but already this year the RKB has completed several major projects, including the full renovation of the massive tankers RN Murmansk, Arctic Blizzard, Cape Tees, and others.


The board of the Rīga Shipyard