On the threat to Telšiai town and Žemaitijos Pienas AB

| Source: Zemaitijos Pienas

Telšiai, Lithuania, 2014-05-12 09:35 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --     



                      Hereby we inform that four companies: Europe Eggs KB, Telšių Paukščiai KB, Baltic Egg Producion KB, and Stanelių Grūdai KB intend to build a poultry farm at the distance of 800 m to Žemaitijos Pienas AB and close to the residential area (town) with 800,000 laying hens, which amounts to more than 5315.5 LU (livestock units) and potentially a progeny of additional 400,000 hens (according to the global best practice).

                      Hereby we note that such large poultry farm would pose a major threat for Žemaitijos Pienas AB and increase the likelihood of company bankruptcy due to possible outbreaks of avian diseases and applicable quarantine measures in the radius of 3 km (restriction of movement) and also due to the hygiene requirements for dairy products applicable in many countries in terms of the proximity of a poultry farm and Žemaitijos Pienas AB, which may result in the refusal to buy the food products produced by Žemaitijos Pienas AB.



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