IT – Genium INET 4.0220 Project Update: Clearing Trade Window changes in Trading Workstation (56/14)

| Source: Nasdaq Commodities

This message contains information regarding the Genium INET upgrade to 4.0220, going live June 9th, 2014, and is applicable for Trading Workstation (TW) users.

Trading Workstation “Tr Type” Field Change (mandatory if used)

Due to a modification in the OMnet API (BD6), the Trade-report Type (“Tr Type”) field in the Clearing Trades window will not show any data unless the latest version of Trading Workstation is used as of June 9th. If the “Tr Type” field in the Clearing Trades window is currently used an upgrade of TW is necessary to avoid implications after the go-live of Genium INET 4.0220.


Please note that the change in OMnet is only impacting the “Tr Type” field in the Clearing Trade window in TW. “Tr Type” field will still be available through the TW Ticker window.


Please go to NASDAQ OMX webpage to download the go-live candidate version of TW, at:

NASDAQ OMX OMnet API and Front-Ends
NASDAQ OMX front-end go live candidates will be available for download from the NASDAQ OMX website the following dates:


  • Trading Workstation – Available for download on NASDAQ OMX Webpage.
  • Clearing Workstation 1 – May 14th
  • Clearing Workstation 2 is automatically upgraded when new version is available.

For members and Independent Software Vendors who are developing applications for NASDAQ OMX Nordic Genium INET marketplaces, OMnet OAPI kit and OMnet header file can be downloaded from Genium INET 4.0220 webpage.

External Test Systems

  • External Test System 4 – Running 4.0220
  • External Test System 3 – Planned upgrade May 15th
  • External Test System 1 – Planned upgrade May 20th.

For technical questions, please contact:
Technical Support
+46 8 405 6750