Atlantic Airways P/f - deletion

| Source: Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S

Atlantic Airways P/f will be deleted from NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen as per 17 June 2014.

Thus, last day of trading in shares issued by Atlantic Airways P/f will be 16 June 2014. 

The reason for the deletion is that the company on 14 May 2014 published a company announcement about redemption of the remaining outstanding shares in Atlantic Airways pursuant to article 110 of the Icelandic Securities Transactions Act, § 69 – 73 of the Faroese Companies Act, and § 31 – 33 of the Faroese Securities Transactions Act. The 4-week period ends on 16 June 2014.


ISIN: FO0000000062
Name: Atlantic Airways
Listed capital (of DKK 100): 1,035,000 shares (DKK 103,500,000)
ICB: 5700
Short name: FO-AIR
Orderbook ID: 60349


For further information, please contact: Asta Jepsen, Surveillance, tel. +45 33 93 33 66