Stockmann Group's revenue in April 2014

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Helsinki, Finland, 2014-05-15 14:30 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- STOCKMANN plc, Company Announcement 15.5.2014 at 15.30 EET

The Stockmann Group’s revenue was down 10.4 per cent on the previous year and amounted to EUR 190.0 million in April 2014. The decline was primarily due to weak exchange rates of the Russian rouble, Swedish krona and Norwegian krone. Revenue at comparable exchange rates was down 5.6 per cent. Due to the timing of Easter, April had in many countries two sales days less than in 2013.

The Department Store Division’s revenue was down 11.5 per cent. Revenue decreased by 11.3 per cent in Finland, where the weak market conditions continued to negatively affect sales. Euro-denominated revenue was down 11.9 per cent in international operations. Revenue in rouble was up in the Russian department stores. Revenue grew also in the Baltic countries. Revenue in the Crazy Days campaign was close to the previous year’s level at comparable exchange rates but down 6 per cent in euros.

The Fashion Chain Division’s revenue decreased by 8.0 per cent; down 13.0 per cent in Finland and 6.9 per cent in international operations. Lindex’s euro-denominated revenue was down 4.3 per cent due to currency effects. At comparable exchange rates revenue was up by 2.5 per cent with growth in most of the markets. Seppälä’s revenue was down 30.8 per cent. The decline was partly due to store closings in Russia during the past 12 months.

Revenue (exclusive of VAT) in April

EUR mill.
Department Store Division, Finland 84.2 -11.3
Department Store Division,
international operations
46.8 -11.9
Department Store Division, total 131.0 -11.5
Fashion Chain Division, Finland 9.4 -13.0
Fashion Chain Division,
international operations
49.6 -6.9
Fashion Chain Division, total 59.0 -8.0
Unallocated 0.0  
Operations in Finland, total 93.6 -11.4
International operations, total 96.4 -9.4
Stockmann total 190.0 -10.4

Revenue (exclusive of VAT) in January-April

EUR mill.
excl. terminated franchising*
Department Store Division, Finland 246.5 -9.8 -10.8
Department Store Division,
international operations
126.2 -10.9 -10.9
Department Store Division, total 372.7 -10.2 -10.9
Fashion Chain Division, Finland 37.7 -7.9 -7.9
Fashion Chain Division,
international operations
175.1 -5.1 -5.1
Fashion Chain Division, total 212.8 -5.6 -5.6
Unallocated 0.1    
Operations in Finland, total 284.2 -9.4 -10.3
International operations, total 301.3 -7.6 -7.6
Stockmann total 585.6 -8.5 -9.0

Change-%: change compared with the corresponding period of the previous year.
*Change compared with the revenue excluding the Zara franchising operations in Finland which were terminated on 1 March 2013.

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