2014 $100,000 Transformation Challenge Winners Announced

One Man and One Woman Changed Their Lives and Earned $50,000

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BOISE, Idaho, May 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This January, — the Internet's most-visited fitness website – and Dymatize Nutrition teamed up for the fourth annual $100,000 Transformation Challenge. This year's contest attracted an astonishing 51,364 entrants from all around the world. "The $100,000 Transformation Challenge was designed to encourage people to get healthy," said CEO and founder, Ryan DeLuca. "We want to empower, facilitate, and cultivate positive change. It's our mission to fight obesity and disease, bad habits, and poor health. We are here to push people to reach their peak potential," states DeLuca.

Picking the overall male and female winner was a challenging task, as there were so many incredible transformations; however, two individuals that stood out above the rest: Ohio native, Matt Manning and Calgary native, Robyn Koolen. Matt, a husband and father, finally got the body of his dreams at age 45. Like most other men his age, Matt had let everyday life get in the way of his health and fitness.

Matt's motivation to change stemmed from health issues, "I had a few health scares where I passed out and had to go to the ER by ambulance. A few months later I had chest pains and took myself to the ER. Six months after that my dad had to have a heart valve transplant. That's what really woke me up." Matt knew he needed to make a change, and quick. Finding the $100,000 Transformation Challenge was just the push he needed. In just 12 weeks, Matt lost an astounding 40 pounds and 11% of his body fat. He is truly unrecognizable to his friends and family. Matt not only changed his body, but also changed his health and outlook on life. To read more about Matt's amazing, life-altering journey, and to see the stunning transformation photos, please check out his BodySpace.

When talking about her weight loss journey, Robyn recalls her high school days as a competitive athlete, but like many students that enter college, she stopped being active and started developing unhealthy habits. In January 2010, Robyn was the heaviest she's ever been, clocking in at 197 pounds. "I was terrified of hitting 200 pounds, I knew I had to change something," explained Robyn. She started making small changes to her lifestyle, walking to work, eating clean, and eventually joining a gym.

After a year of a complete lifestyle change, Robyn lost 50 pounds, "Before I lost the weight I saw contests like the $100,000 Transformation Challenge as too intimidating. But this time it was different, the challenge was just what I needed in order to succeed."

"Seeing progress in yourself and finding what your body is capable of is the best motivation out there. I have to admit I was discouraged for the first two weeks. I thought change would come a lot quicker, but then it clicked, I'm in this for me. Once I realized that there was no looking back."

Robyn wanted to do this challenge by herself, without the help of a personal trainer or nutritionist. She found meal plans and exciting, free exercise routines on Over the 12-week challenge Robyn lost a total of 15.5 pounds and 6% body fat. Since she started her weight loss journey in 2010 she's lost 64 pounds and 24% bodyfat. To see remarkable before and after pictures,
please visit Robyn's BodySpace.

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