Agent Link Unveils Groundbreaking Agent Recruitment and Retention Workshop!

The President of Agent Link, a leading marketing and public relations firm serving insurance marketers and insurance agents, delivers an unprecedented Agent Recruitment and Retention Workshop to brokerages from around the country.

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CLEARWATER, Fla., May 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Agent Link President Senia Gramajo recently delivered a workshop on agent recruitment and retention using multimedia to a diverse collection of insurance brokerages at American Brokerage Centers in Atlanta, Georgia to rave reviews.

"It was fabulous," said American Brokerage Centers Executive Director Ruth E. Manka, "Agent recruitment and retention is a key, integral part of any BGA's business, and for us, it's no different. So, having Senia here live and having her meet with each agency individually was really invaluable."

In addition to giving an interactive visual presentation complete with marketing case studies and video examples of company positioning, Gramajo participated in round-table discussions and worked with the BGAs one-on-one. With a rich background in insurance marketing and multimedia development, she was easily able to outline how to recruit quality agents and keep them inspired in an industry with skyrocketing attrition rates.

"The workshop really gave the Agent Link team a chance to distill our modern marketing message down to its very essence," said Gramajo, "Going forward, I think the brokerages will be able to benefit greatly from using inspiring multimedia for recruiting and retaining some great producers."

"I enjoyed the workshop," said Seward Insurance Group Owner/President David Seward, "It's a good way to use technology to generate additional leads for our company. Working with existing agents and going back and looking for referrals is something that we've tried to stress, and the workshop has really reinforced that for me."

"Senia's presentation helped clarify a lot of the different pieces of marketing that we know about, but don't necessarily have explained to us in a succinct package like this," said National Insurance Brokerage's Life Brokerage Advisor Drew Ward, "My favorite part was seeing what some our peers are experiencing as far as marketing and seeing where we're at in comparison."

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