Share repurchase programme

| Source: RTX A/S

The share buy-back programme runs from 20 May 2014 to 28 August 2014. In this period RTX will acquire shares with a value of up to DKK 4.0 million. The share buy-back programme is initiated and structured in compliance with the EU Commission Regulation No. 2273/2003 of 22 December 2003 (the so-called Safe Harbour Regulative for share buy-back programmes) which ensures that RTX is protected against violation of insider legislation in relation to the share buy-back programme.


Since the announcement as of 20 May 2014, the following transactions have been made under the program:


  Number of
purchase Price
value in DKK
Accumulated, last announcement 0 0 0
20 May 2014 1,000 57.50 57,500
21 May 2014 1,000 57.00 57,000
22 May 2014 1,000 56.50 56,500
Accumulated under the programme 3,000 57.00 171,000


With the transactions stated above, RTX A/S owns a total of 224,528 of treasury shares, corresponding to 2.54% of the share capital. The total amount of shares in the company is 8,854,757 including treasury shares.


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