SEOUL, South Korea, May 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - After the successful releases of BeNative apps in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, SMATOOS is expanding its service with Speak Real English, an "English to English" learning application that helps English language learners practice through video lessons. With this app, SMATOOS hopes to provide an alternative to stuffy textbook learning and offer support to help users cultivate practical and natural-sounding English skills.

"Speak Real English" features video content of real native English speakers filmed around the globe in real, natural conversations. SMATOOS analyzes this video footage, extracts the most frequently used grammatical patterns, idioms, and more, and re-edits the footage into quick and helpful video lessons. Explanation is delivered by native speaking English teachers, who help to break down the video content into easy-to-understand points and tips designed specifically to help users start speaking English more naturally.

Features include:

Today's Phrase - One new idiom or expression is delivered to users every day, with the goal of demystifying idiomatic expressions and making them more accessible to English language learners.

Customizable notifications – A highly customizable notification system allows users to choose what material they want to review through pop-ups, and when they want to see it. This means that users can practice English without even opening the app.

Memory Tool - Idioms, grammatical patterns, or memorable lessons are easy to save and study later with a built-in Memory Tool.

Record your voice – Users can record and play back their own voices to compare their pronunciation with the native speakers featured in the app.

With Speak Real English, SMATOOS hopes to raise the quality of mobile English language learning, making practical lessons available to users whenever and wherever they want to use them. Speak Real English is available on iOS devices. More information can be found on the Speak Real English Facebook page for more information.

About SMATOOS and BeNative:

SMATOOS, Inc. (CEO: Alan Moonsoo Kim, co-founder of ETOOS, a highly successful textbook and e-learning platform) is an educational tech start-up based in Seoul, South Korea, with an additional branch in Tokyo, Japan. SMATOOS has developed the BeNative brand in order to help English language learners improve their skill alongside real native English speakers. Speak Real English joins the existing BeNative lineup, which includes releases in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, with a Taiwanese version in development. Future plans include expanding the service into other languages, so that users across the globe can study natural-sounding Japanese, Chinese, and more.

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