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Photo by Elizabeth Vienneau at Serene Haven, permanent housing for homeless veterans, a program incubated and accelerated by Global Private Funding, Inc. at Global Business Incubation Center in Century City, CA

TORRANCE, Calif., May 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Party at the Galaxy Indoor Soccer Arena to benefit permanent housing for homeless veterans, Serene Haven, announced their first Annual Soccer Soiree hosted by the world famous LA Galaxy Soccer team and Global Private Funding, Inc.

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Serene Haven is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless veterans, one veteran at a time. Serene Haven offers permanent housing for homeless veterans while traditional programs are transitional and only for twenty four (24) months. For more details, visit

Jonathan James Barnes, founder of Serene Haven knows very well the plight of veterans who are homeless. Growing up in South Los Angeles at a time when it was known as South Central Los Angeles, Jonathan was influenced to not just leave the poverty stricken area and do greater things with his life, but to stay in this, one of the harshest neighborhoods in the west coast and reclaim the streets. "Most homeless veterans are educated and dedicated but lack the infrastructure and support in their lives to stay ‎free of substance abuse and maintain a job. Serene Haven not only provides a permanent home, but also provides a support structure aimed at emotional support, sober/substance free living and job placement. These veterans in turn become pillars of their community by instilling values, mentoring the youth, and a smile in this otherwise harsh environment," said Barnes.

Terry Gubatan who is a Business Development Loan Officer at the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation, a Small Business Development Center, through his adjunct role as an Economic Development Advisor working with banks, lenders and the SBDC at Global Private Funding, Inc. was who Barnes approached asking for financial and management support for expanding the Los Angeles based pilot program across the nation. Gubatan thanked Frank Aguirre of Mayor Eric Garcetti's office for his support. Special gratitude for the support of Assembly Member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, and Council Member Bernard Parks.

Global Private Funding Inc., a financing company known for restructuring corporations, mergers and acquisitions is incubating and accelerating Serene Haven out of their Global Business Incubation Center in Century City, CA. The Senior Vice President and Branch Manager, Andrew Halarewicz is very active in the community and is a Chamber of Commerce Board Member in Santa Monica. Barnes who is being mentored by a team of business leaders including a retired attorney of over 45 years experience, William Hill who was the attorney for Bill Paley who started CBS TV and entertainment conglomerate, Dr. Sam Senev the Chairman of Global Private Funding, Inc. known to not be scared off by bullies and is a pit-bull fighting for the underdog and against business terrorism, an advisory board comprised of high ranking government, military and law enforcement officers, said that, "I left the gang infested streets to find the corporate world worse as I learned how a founding partner stole and took advantage of the veterans. This didn't discourage me, rather gave me much courage to use what I learned on the streets to fight for the veterans even harder. I care about the heroes who risked their lives for our civil liberties and come home to have no home to call home." Barnes stressed that he sought out a firm who has the legal and strategic capabilities to support Serene Haven. Halarewicz said, "When we do our job well, we make enemies, ‎but most often; doing the right thing doesn't make everybody happy."

Barnes also praised Capt. Robert Arcos of the 77th Division who not only is a strong supporter of Serene Haven and veterans, but whom with Serene Haven opened a Walk-In field office at the Serene Haven headquarters at 2513 W. 54th Street, in Los Angeles. The Walk-In field office has promoted greater law enforcement visibility and an overall reduction in crime in the surrounding neighborhood. Capt. Arcos and Dr. Senev are planning the installation of a web of remote monitoring cameras to support crime reduction. ‎This program will be funded by an Economic Development Grant by Global Private Funding Inc.

The event today marks a new beginning for Serene Haven said Sean Gayton, a board member who has sacrificed financially and demonstrated relentless dedication to helping the veterans. Gayton thanked the Los Angeles Air Force Base staff and the California Wing of the Civil Air Patrol for their volunteers and donations.

Kristine Allison, Vice President for Outreach, Fundraising and ‎Events, assigned from Global Private Funding, Inc. organized the event with the support of LA Galaxy, Bradford Jamieson, ‎James Ortega the Founder of Futboleros, celebrities Josh Bowan, Travis Van Winkle and Daniel Sharman‎. Allison went on to thank other local businesses who have made donations and sponsored the event including major brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Bugatti, all of Beverly Hills and Le McHugh the international luxury brand representative. ‎For further details visit


Kristine Allison
Vice President
Outreach, Fundraising & Events
Serene Haven, Inc., a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization
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